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Hapcheon Dam 합천



My first trip to Hapcheon (합천)

hapcheon, fishing, fishing in korea, chasingkm, bass
Some fish and the view

Earlier I mentioned meeting and becoming friends with a Korean Bass fisherman. His name is Son and he has become a good friend as well as given me loads of advice and tips on how to catch more fish. 

My first trip with him was to an area called Hapcheon which is inland from Changwon, about 90 minutes by car. Son’s father retired out there on a small-holding and Son visits him almost every weekend. The first I’d heard of this area was when Son saw me at the Yongwon dam flailing away and catching nothing. He told me about this magic place where him and a friend had recently caught nearly 50 fish in one outing and he had photos to prove it!

I half jokingly asked him to take me there when he went again and was quite surprised to receive a message later that week asking if I was free on Sunday. I had to cancel plans with my girlfriend but the trip was worth it!

I was a bit hesitant at first as we barely knew each other and I was in a strange country and couldn’t speak the language (still can’t apart from a few words here and there).

I have pinned a location below, most of the dams in this area are fishable. Bass, bluegill and even snakehead in some. The one closest to the pin has been the most consistent and is the biggest in the area.

We set off at about 7:30 am and hit the first dam just after 9. It was late spring so the weather was great. I caught nothing for the first 2 hours and I could see Son was getting worried after telling me amazing stories about this place. He was giving me lures to use, pointing out all the spots where he had caught fish and let me have the prime areas first. I did however, eventually hook into a very decent bass and ended up with 8 fish by the end of the day. 

hapcheon, fishing, fishing in korea, chasingkm, bass
Some of the bigger fish I caught

We had fished in 5 dams all pretty close together and bass were caught in all of them. Biggest pushing 40cm. 

I have subsequently been back there many times with my biggest haul being 15 fish in one days fishing. 

As mentioned in other posts though, all these dams are also irrigation dams so suffer the same dramatic fluctuations in water levels. 

One trip out there we found all the dams to be almost empty or completely empty and had to drive around for hours looking for a decent spot to fish. This led to us discovering a very strange fishing spot which I will tell you more about in a later post. 

hapcheon, fishing, fishing in korea, chasingkm, bass
Few fish from the area. My Korean friend Son in blue.

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